A Web 3.0 SPEND-TO-EARN Rewards Platform

Bloom is the only shopping rewards apps that allows you to earn points, rewards, NFTs and cryptocurrency by simply linking any of your existing Visa cards onto the App.

We Work With

Value Creation

Our ethos is to help our ecosystem partners drive their interests and help them “bloom”.

Web3 Gateway

Instantly upgrade your Visa card to become Web3 enabled and start their journey of owning Web3 assets without risk of economic loss.

Always Extra Offers

Bloom’s Rewards are on top of any existing bank’s Visa card offers and merchants’ offers

No Change on User Behaviour

No need for change of consumer habits. Simply spend and watch your rewards grow. You don’t even need to take out the App.

Supercharge Your “X-To-Earn”

Explore GameFi Coins to earn Double the Crypto. Play to Earn + Spend to Earn =  2 x GameFi Earnings

Get Your First NFT for Free

Apart from daily retail offers, Bloom can offer a place for users to redeem their first NFT with their every day earnt Bloom Coins.

Empower Your Sleeping Loyalty Points

Through the technical integration, users can now convert their bank points to Bloom Coins and redeem more cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more.

Three Layers of Rewards

Reward more to the most loyal customers

Start with earning
Basic Rewards

Extra Rewards Powered by Merchant Partners

Over 80+ Partnered Merchants offering up to 27% in extra Bloom Coins rewards to drive increased sales and reward their most loyal customers.

Extra Rewards with
Selected Banks

Additional Bloom Coins rewards with every transaction made via the Visa cards from the selected banks.


Every time. Everywhere. Every Visa Card.

See what people are saying about Bloom

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Great Rewards APP! It allows you to redeem cash vouchers. My fave is the $100 Deliveroo coupon. Very handy and convenient.

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Great deals! I was able to swap the coins I earned for cryptocurrency. Decent selection of altcoins… Ethereum, Solana plus others. Simple and easy to use!

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I’ve been waiting for this kind of app for a long time. I can earn Bloom Coins every time I use my Visa card and redeem them for cash rebates, crypto and NFTs. Exactly the app I’ve been looking for!

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This rewards app has a good selection of brands where you can redeem your coupons and Bloom coins earned. I just link my visa credit card once and it does it all automatically.

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I’ve had a great experience with Bloom. With this app I can redeem cash vouchers from some big brands and also swap bloom coins for Bitcoin which is a nice bonus.

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The Bloom app is a good entry point for new users to web3. It's especially easy to earn crypto or NFTs without any costs or fees. Just make transactions on your visa and you start earning.

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Enable 3.8 Billion Visa Cards to earn crypto as a reward without changing any user behaviour.